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NBA 2K17 Scoreboard Issue Have Been Addressed

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A new update has now been released for "NBA 2K17" and it is addressing one particular issue that players have been talking about ever since the game was first unveiled.

The issue in question is none other than the one that concerns the scoreboard being updated too quickly.

Players who have poured in a few hours into the game have likely noticed that the scoreboard would frequently update even though the basket has not even been completed yet. The issue can be confusing too as players may be waiting for the score to change after nailing a basket, remaining unaware that their shot has already been accounted for.


The good news is that developers have finally taken notice of this issue and have addressed it in the latest update, as indicated in the new patch notes shared by the game's official Facebook page.

Along with the scoreboard bug, the latest "NBA 2K17" update also fixes another issue related to recently released uniforms that previously caused them to clash with the opponents' uniforms, creating an unpleasant sight for the players.

The update also tweaks the Relentless Finisher badge to better account for what the players do.

In MyCareer mode, players can now also rest easy knowing that their arranged connection events will always show up whenever they view their schedules.

Along with the gameplay tweaks, the newest update also fixes numerous bugs that could previously lead to the game suddenly crashing while going through certain scenarios. With the update installed, players will hopefully be able to enjoy the game as they were meant to without having to fear a sudden crash.

Currently, the new update is already available for the PC and PS4 ports of the game, and Xbox One players can look forward to getting it soon as well.

More news about "NBA 2K17" should be made available in the near future.

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NBA 2K17 Origins: The Signature Skill System Replaced By Badges

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For those who are new to the "Badge" system of NBA 2K17 and a bit clueless on how they affect the game, it is best to go back to 2K15 where the "Badge" system was introduced for the very first time to better understand how it works. Gamers can buy NBA 2k17 MT online to make a finely personalized NBA 2K17 team.

Origins Of Badges: The Signature Skill System


Back in 2K14, the game used "Signature Skills." Signature skills identified a player's area of expertise, e.g. shooting, passing, etc. in the game.

The system was designed so that gamers can spend their time on developing each player's skills that can contribute best to the team.

To use a classic example, if the player was using the 90's version of the Chicago Bulls, he would want Steve Kerr to develop all the signature skills related to outside shooting while letting Dennis Rodman focus on developing rebounding and defending skills.

This was 2K14's way of making players specialists of their craft. For those who have had an extensive experience in RPGs and MMORPG the concept would be very similar to character customization and development.

Each player in 2K14 has one or more signature skills which would come in handy if the gamer is down one point under two minutes in the last quarter and would want a three pointer or a rebounder to get him through a certain play.

Introducing The Badges System


The drawback of the signature skills system was that it caused gamers to develop players with nearly the same level and type of skills. Choose U4NBA.COM, the price of NBA 2K17 MT will never goes out of speed.

The point of individualization got lost since they could make each of their characters develop all the skills they wanted regardless whether that player in real life was good in that skill or not. For instance, imagine Stephen Curry being the go-to guy in rebound and shot blocking.

The signature skills system was then abolished and was replaced by "Badges" in NBA 2K15.


Badges served two purposes: to identity the unique basketball skills of a player, and to assess the personality that makes the player behaviorally different from others.

The developers of 2K15 wanted gamers to create players that were not only unique in basketball abilities but also in their reaction to the reality of the world within the game.

To simplify things, this meant that Badges gave gamers the chance to shape the basketball skill their player is unique at, but also how that player would emotionally react in the various conditions it will face in the court.

The two kinds of badges introduced were called "Personality badges" and "Skill badges."

Personality badges could only be leveled up once, while skill badges could reach three levels of growth namely bronze, silver, and gold.

Personality badges determine whether the 2K character will have a hot hand in a game or experience a shooting slump. It would also impact the character's body language and facial expressions when frustrated or exuberant.

The skill badges, on the other hand, functioned nearly identical to the old signature skills system.

A Unified Badge List

Gamers might think there was no change at all but simply an addition of "personality" to each player. However, that is not the case.

The major change was the merging of the personality badges and skill badges into a single badge list, meaning gamers cannot have one without the other.

Not all of the players in the game can get a single badge. Some players were designed to have only certain types of badges so that their true uniqueness will manifest.

Apparently the developers wanted gamers to truly have a chance to mimic the qualities of the real life counterparts of the 2K game characters.

In this year's 2K17 there are 55 badges in total for Personality and Skill. As it was in the past, gamers can earn these badges from My Career Options.

Since the concept and origin of Badges are clear, gamers can now understand how best to develop their players and enjoy the game even better. To get excellent players in NBA 2K17, finding a good place that have cheap NBA 2K17 MT for sale is very important.

NBA 2K17 Is Closer To Real Life Basketball

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In one of the most highly anticipated games of the year, NBA 2K17 has decided to give its patient fans some more footage in addition to the official game trailer that was leaked a couple weeks ago.

"Every year our goal is to be the most realistic sports game on the market," 2K Sports Brand Manager Andrew Blumberg told a room of reporters at Gamescom 2016. It's a tall order, but one that NBA 2K developer Visual Concepts and publisher 2K take seriously. Nearly every update and announcement for the upcoming NBA 2K17 is a reflection of the current affairs in professional basketball, from spotlighting up and coming talent like Indiana Pacer small forward Paul George to putting Kobe Bryant on the cover of the special editions just one year after his NBA retirement.

2K's popular basketball sim is back and it looks like its got plenty of game for die-hard fans.

Blumberg gave us a quick update on some gameplay changes. The development team wanted to put more control in the hands of the user and rely less on probability from stats. They also revamped the fatigue system. In previous 2K games, you could play your starting roster for the majority of the game and play for 48 minutes straight without it affecting your players. Now, your digital athletes will start missing shots, be slower to react, and more susceptible to injuries if you keep them in too long. Ultimately, you'll have to get your bench players into the game and rest the starters if you want to win simulation games.

2K Sports' Gamescom presentation started with a focus on basketball in Europe. They quickly recapped how Spain's towering power foward/center Pau Gasol and Italy's talented small forward Danilo Gallinari will appear as cover athletes of NBA 2K17 in certain regions. And for the first time, the Euro League would have 21 up-to-date teams in the game. "In the past, we've been a year behind," Blumberg said, "just because European teams are selected late in the summer and it didn't work for our timelines." Since the Euro league adopted a new format this year, it allowed 2K to identify teams much earlier and get them into the new game.

But the big announcement for basketball fans around the world is the inclusion of the legendary 1992 USA Dream Team, which is playable for the first time since 2K13. It's a pre-order bonus (but it can also be purchased separately in regular editions), but regardless of how you feel about pre-sale content it's hard not to get excited for the most celebrated talent in the history of the sport, with headliners like Michael Jordan, Sir Charles Barkely, and Larry Bird in one unforgettable lineup. Blumberg said the current US Olympic Dream Team team is also available along with celebrated college basketball coach of the Duke Blue Devils Mike "Coach K" Krzyzewski, who's pulling double duty for his first 2K appearance: he will be the sideline coach for the current team, and the voice of the tutorial mode, called 2KU.

2K ended its presentation with a demo showcasing one quarter of NBA 2K17 gameplay, and the improved lighting and graphics immediately stood out. Blumberg told us that the development team worked on revamping the lighting to make it custom for each basketball arena, so diehard fans will notice how the bright lights of the Cleveland Cavalier's Quicken Loans Arena differ compared the focused lighting of the Staples Center, home of the Los Angeles Lakers. It's just another example of NBA 2K's dedication to capturing the look and feel of a live TV broadcast. The glassy look on the players faces is still here but, outside of the occasional weird closeups, it all looks and sounds incredibly authentic.

Visual Concepts has also done some work on the rebound system to make it closer to real life basketball. "Last year, pretty much every rebound was caught cleanly by a defender," Blumberg said. "That doesn't happen in basketball all the time. There's a lot of fighting for the ball, it gets tipped around, and it's a physical part of the game." He told us that players will see the ball get tipped around more as players crash the backboards. You can tap the ball over to a teammate if you're unable to pull bound a rebound yourself. We even saw an offensive player catch the ball and take a shot in mid-air. Blumberg said stealing the ball also had a significant revamp, so it's not abused as much as it was last year's games.

NBA 2K17 is looking sharp and it follows a consistent string of great basketball games by the team at Visual Concepts. In chasing the dream of the most authentic basketball game in town, NBA 2K has tinkered away at each new installment and the effort shows. Blumberg said there are still a few more announcements left, so look forward to more NBA 2K-related announcements in the future.

In addition the lighting of the game looks a lot cleaner and crisper overall. This, along with the new layout of the scoreboard should make for a much better presentation of the game in NBA 2K17.

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