NBA 2K17 Scoreboard Issue Have Been Addressed

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A new update has now been released for "NBA 2K17" and it is addressing one particular issue that players have been talking about ever since the game was first unveiled.

The issue in question is none other than the one that concerns the scoreboard being updated too quickly.

Players who have poured in a few hours into the game have likely noticed that the scoreboard would frequently update even though the basket has not even been completed yet. The issue can be confusing too as players may be waiting for the score to change after nailing a basket, remaining unaware that their shot has already been accounted for.


The good news is that developers have finally taken notice of this issue and have addressed it in the latest update, as indicated in the new patch notes shared by the game's official Facebook page.

Along with the scoreboard bug, the latest "NBA 2K17" update also fixes another issue related to recently released uniforms that previously caused them to clash with the opponents' uniforms, creating an unpleasant sight for the players.

The update also tweaks the Relentless Finisher badge to better account for what the players do.

In MyCareer mode, players can now also rest easy knowing that their arranged connection events will always show up whenever they view their schedules.

Along with the gameplay tweaks, the newest update also fixes numerous bugs that could previously lead to the game suddenly crashing while going through certain scenarios. With the update installed, players will hopefully be able to enjoy the game as they were meant to without having to fear a sudden crash.

Currently, the new update is already available for the PC and PS4 ports of the game, and Xbox One players can look forward to getting it soon as well.

More news about "NBA 2K17" should be made available in the near future.


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